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Our society tells us that the golden standard is a flat stomach. Look at every magazine you walk by in the store and what do you see? 

I've fluctuated weights my entire life. While I've eaten healthy since I was 16 sometimes your body doesn't always agree and in my case, I have other health issues that doesn't allow me to work out as much as I like, but what do I do in my journey, sit around and hate my body? 

Let's talk about visible belly outline 

Visible Belly outline, accepting your body

In this picture above taken just last week. I was on my first day of my period, probably weighing about 170, feeling bloated as anything and really did not want to take pictures. I forced myself to take some fashion photos because I knew it was important for me to embrace my body at ALL times and not just when I'm feeling skinny. 

Loving our bodies

When I first saw this picture above, the first thing I noticed was how huge my stomach was. Why is that? Why couldn't I have seen how awesome I looked overall? 

When I was little, I remember very clearly my mother's stomach

It was soft and the perfect pillow for me. I remember how comfortable it was to lay on it and just cuddle up to her while she rested on the sofa in the afternoon. She didn't like that we said it was so comfortable and perfect because to her that was a reminder of how puffy or pudgy it was and she didn't like it. I never understood because it was so *perfect* for me and I loved it!!! 

We as women need to accept that our bodies are on a journey, whether we are on our way to weight loss or gained some due to an illness, we STILL have to love them. They do incredible things for us and if you have a visible belly outline, THAT IS OKAY!!! 

Outfit details

  • Dress: TJMAXX in the junior clearance for $10
  • Bag: Betsey Johnson at Marshalls for $39
  • Shoes: Jessica Simpson at TJMAXX for $34
  • Earrings: Katsch Boutique for $20
Betsey Johnson bow bag
Katsch Boutique
I never take the stickers off the bottom of my shoes. #toolazy

I never take the stickers off the bottom of my shoes. #toolazy

Thanks for reading! Share with your friends if they need to feel better about their visable belly outline too! 

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