Makeup Classes


I have had many requests from women of all ages to teach them how to do makeup. I get it, it's daunting and there is nothing more frustrating that trying to look good but you end up not looking as good as you hoped. 

With my previous history of working at Sephora, I know the teaching methods to give you the best foundation (no pun intended!) for starting and building your makeup skills. 

I offer a variety of classes:

  • Makeup Basics
  • Makeup application for teens and pre-teens
  • Mother/Daughter Makeup Classes
  • Mature skin (60 yrs +) makeup application
  • Intermediate/Advanced application. 

If you'd like to have me teach to a group of women or do private instruction one on one, please contact me below! There is nothing I love more than helping women learn the skills to feel better about herself and increase her self-esteem! Contact me below! 

Madison Beginner Makeup Classes

i want you to teach me! 

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