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Which one of these wreaths do you think cost $89.99?

Which one of these wreaths do you think cost $89.99?


So fall for my fall decor, I haven’t seen anything that I’ve liked in store. Everything is super orange, or white or brown and none of those colors suited my fancy. So, I decided that I would create my own fall color scheme.

I went to hobby lobby when they had 40% off fall and picked up flowers that suited a color scheme that I liked. I came home and put it all together. Watch the tutorial here:

All items costed around $20 for this wreath. How much do wreaths cost at hobby lobby? $90? See above picture on the left. Personally, you can make a classier and nicer wreath that looks way more expensive for yourself than the ones you buy at the store!

Do you like this DIY tutorial? Would you like to see more of these from me? Please let me know in the comments below!! :)

diy fall wreath tutorial

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