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You need to see "I feel Pretty"

I feel pretty movie review

I honestly have never felt this strongly about a movie before, but I think it has such a powerful message that we as women and mothers in today's society NEED to hear. 

I've been saying it for 2 years now since I started photographing women's portraits. Almost every single woman is terrified of getting photographed because they feel they aren't pretty or beautiful enough to exist in photos. This is a serious problem that needs to be solved but society and magazines don't care about the self-worth of women. They care about earning money. 

The message in this movie is clear

You don't *need* anyone or a special unicorn to suddenly give you self-confidence. It comes from within and a decision to see how you view yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!! You deserve all the happiness in the world and as you watch this movie you want this for her. You see how adorable she is and yet she can't see it for herself. Her journey to self confidence is so hard and there are tears, breakups along the way.

Empowering women

I swear every single woman will relate to Amy's character in this movie. I watched this with my best friend and not only was it hilarious but it has clear good take away messages:

  • You are beautiful when you aren't confident
  • You are beautiful when you are confident and you can do things you never thought you could, not because you didn't look that way but because you DECIDED TO DO IT
  • Self Confidence is a journey, it doesn't happen overnight. 
  • You have the power to be happy and to empower yourself. 

Go rent this right now off of Google

Watch it with your bestie, or don't. Just watch it and you'll thank me later. 

If you are feeling less confident this is a great movie to help you get out of that rut. You deserve it, my friend! :) 

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