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The trenches of motherhood

I've been sharing a lot of fashion posts lately and the reason for that is because I get a lot of requests on that but I felt it was very important to show the other side.

motherhood blogger

This is what my daily life looks like 99% of the time.

It's not so edited, put together and I think we as mothers need to see more of this. 

This is what I'm responsible for at home: 

  1. My children and their upbringing. That they become thriving adults and are given the tools to be amazing (that's a lot of pressure!!)
  2. Children's education. They are not currently in school so I am responsible for their learning at this time. 
  3. My husband's health partially, he is at risk for developing type 1 diabetes and so I do all of his nutrition and cook all his meals for his work etc because I am more educated in this area than he. (He is super grateful for it too! I also don't mind doing it because obviously, I love him. ;) ) 
  4. Two businesses (my photography and this blog) and all that it entails, the client meetings, wedding weekends, marketing, the ever-changing Instagram, facebook, how to market, education etc. Providing relate-able content.  
  5. Maintaining the house and cleaning it. 
  6. Cooking all meals for everyone in the house
  7. Grocery shopping. 
  8. Family time (time spent with extended family, play dates)
  9. My mental health that I don't go overboard with all that's listed above. 
what real mother life looks like

My boys started this morning fighting, as they did yesterday.

They woke me up with their fighting. 

It takes everything in me to not get upset or angry at them. But they don't know how to share their toys well, they are into building things and there aren't enough items for them to build their own respective pieces. Teaching them sacrifice at a young age is a struggle. 

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desk organization

I shared a picture of my lovely desk setup yesterday on facebook. Well, do you want to know what's right beside my desk? Our sofa, which has a cover on it that now has large ugly holes thanks to our dog. The cover was $40 and I'm not prepared to buy another one that she's probably going to put holes in so, for now, we are just leaving it. 

the real messes of motherhood

Overall, I'm tired, my anxiety has been bad lately and I haven't been sleeping well at night. Yesterday, I spent my entire day on education for both my businesses. Learning about Pinterest and how to use it for marketing via a webinar, then later watching a live video of the new Instagram Algorithm. Editing pictures for next week's blog post. Getting all my gear ready for this weekend's upcoming weekend, feeding all of us, listening to my boys interrupt me for the 158th time about something they made with their legos. 

Last year my therapist said something to me that, maybe I wasn't as healthy as I should be because otherwise, I would go mock 10 all day every day.

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Well, friends, it's not that I love going 200% all of the time because I don't. However, the reason I push myself hard, and I challenge my brain to learn more about my businesses is because we want to buy a house. 

My husband and I started our marriage struggling, being from two different countries and not having good jobs. Then being separated for 2.5 years put us in an insane hole of debt. We were literally just surviving because we had to. Now, 3 years later we are still working to get out of that hole and probably will for the next 5-10 years. I'm not mad about it, because we did what we had to do for our family at the time.

I'm not here to talk in length about my struggles, but the point I want to make is: 

WE ALL HAVE STRUGGLES. I sometimes forget that I do not want my Instagram or my blog to be a highlight reel because THAT'S NOT REAL LIFE. 

It's okay if your life isn't as pretty as someone else's looks. It's okay if you are feeling tired and overwhelmed. Breathe through it and look around you. 

Writing this post reminded me that my daughter will appreciate these pictures when she grows up and to take more of them. Not just from my cell phone on snapchat! 

Writing this post reminded me that my daughter will appreciate these pictures when she grows up and to take more of them. Not just from my cell phone on snapchat! 

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