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Disclaimer: I am sincerely speaking from my own experience. Any troubles that you are currently going through please talk with your health specialist. Your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, naturopath, homeopath etc. 

It's like being under house arrest but in your brain

It's quite torturous and I don't wish it upon anyone. Having anxiety is incredibly dysfunctional and learning to know the signs about yourself and how to catch them before it gets bad can be quite the learning curve. 

Because I struggle with it so much I wanted to talk about it more and share what's works for me because sharing is caring, especially in this area of life. 

It's a brain problem

For me, my anxiety and depression isn't caused by something in my life, (just minimally stress related) but mostly because my brain doesn't work properly. I don't blame myself for my anxiety and depression because I know my brain essentially isn't working properly so I have to help it out as much as I can. 


The supplements I swear by that help SO much


I am fortunate enough to have a naturopath as a brother, and I also see an incredible medical doctor for my health problems. Between the two I have been able to avoid taking anti-depressants. I don't care for how I feel on SSRI's so I try to avoid them as much as possible. Thankfully, these are currently working for me right now! (Along with some good quality sleep.) 

From left to right: 

I don't take all of these together because it's too much, also, I believe that you cannot take any of these along with SSRI's. Which is why it's important to discuss what options are best for you with your doctor. I currently take the first 4 listed there and at different times of the month I up my quantity as I experience more/less anxiety depending on my hormones. 



Journalling and Seeing a Therapist

Don't underestimate seeing a psychologist. 

I SWEAR by therapy. There is absolutely no shame in it and I highly suggest it to everyone. It is essential to my brain health and my husband has noticed a huge difference since I started going last year. I went all of 2017 and it was the best year I've had yet to date. It's like working out, but for your brain! 

Finding a good therapist is key. It might take you going through a few to find the right one but it is definitely worth it. 

Letting it go

I have started a new technique of what I call stress free sessions. I will go lay in my bed or in the bath tub and focus on letting go of EVERYTHING that is currently stressing me out. While I do this I focus on my deep breathing. I have found that these help me let go of my anxiety in the moment, when I'm having trouble focusing or just overall frustrated. 


I would love to hear, what do you do for your anxiety and depression?

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