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Influenster is amazing, they have sent me this box for free and I wanted to share all these goodies with you and how awesome they are all! The best part of this box is that there is something for every single person in my family! So great! 

cherish voxbox
  • My husband was recently introduced to the Dove Care Men's line and he really likes it. He has been working in hot conditions recently and so this will be incredibly handy for him to keep the spray on him at work. 
  • I love all things hair products! Especially when they are designed for my poor dry hair. This Pantene conditioner is going to be a lifesaver! 
  • The vera wang fragrance is so beautiful. New summer favourite fragrance! 
barkbox toys

We have been previous subscribers of barkbox so I was SO happy to receive a toy in here for my dog. She has loved all of them and was super stoked to get another toy! Huge bonus, it squeaks and well, now it's her favourite. 

Next up, the boys were so excited to get some juice. We don't regularly purchase juice because of the sugar content but they do enjoy it as a treat so today was treat day! 

influenster voxbox motts juice

If you have a dog and want to try barkbox, I highly suggest it! 

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