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The Plan 

Shortly after my husband and I decided to have another baby I told him that we needed to have a plan for my postpartum recovery. My postpartum experience with my two other children wasn't horrible but I did have postpartum depression each time and that was something I wanted to avoid. During my second trimester, I had to think about the plan that I needed that would help significantly with this. 

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Having help

This is number one, and should be your main concern/plan for postpartum. I know that I am extremely fortunate that my parents were willing to travel from Canada to spend two months with me. We also don't see each other very often and we are lucky if that's once a year, so it was a dual visit. However, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FAMILY that is willing to come over every day and at least do some cleaning/prep food/keep children entertained for a few hours then I would go so far as to say *budget in hiring help.* A nanny of sorts that will help you. 

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You will need help with: 

  • Your other children if you have them, getting them to/from school or helping them with school. 
  • Meals, if you don't already have freezer meals but even if you do to have them heated and served. 
  • Cleaning. This is huge, there is a lot of laundry, dishes, and dust builds up quick. Nothing like staring at dust building to drive you crazy. 
  • And the obvious one: the baby. You will need someone else to hold the baby so you can shower, eat, pump, sit alone in silence and feel like a normal human being. 
  • Cover babysitting for when you need to go to dr appointments. 
  • Watch all the children for when you need to run errands or get groceries. 
  • Do cooking if you don't have freezer meals. 
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Vitamin D/Daylight

Many people might not think of this but Vitamin D plays a huge role in preventing postpartum depression. 

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Now, we moved when I was 34 weeks and the types of places we looked at I was thinking of my recovery and we chose a place that was, in the end, more expensive but has the most amount of daylight we've ever lived in and thus, the biggest windows. 

Since you spend so much of your time postpartum inside (or should!!!!) I didn't want to feel like I was trapped or under house arrest. 


I had stocked up on supplements prior knowledge that I was inclined to having postpartum depression. I had a list of natural supplements I could take as well as a phone number handy if it got so bad that I needed another source: progesterone. 

I had also consulted my previous therapist and made sure I could do phone call sessions if I needed to talk. I knew that I could call and set an appointment at any time. 

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No goals until 6 weeks postpartum

I put ZERO expectations on myself to host, communicate, socialize or set physical goals for myself until I was cleared at 6 weeks and I knew that postpartum depression wasn't in my vicinity. There is nothing worse than having super high hopes to have them smashed by depression and an overwhelming dose of fear/anxiety. 

Be prepared to say no

Practice saying no before the baby is born, because you may need to say it after the baby is born. 

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