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I don't think people really talk enough about necessities that aren't obvious when you have a newborn. I'm not talking about a crib, or diapers, or a change table. Yes, you will FOR SURE need those, but what about the other small items that make a huge difference for your sanity?! 

Wavhello noise machine

This thing is BRILLIANT! I mentioned it in my Instagram stories last week. 

  • White noise calms babies down like no other. It's very similar to the sound they hear in the womb. 
  • IT'S PORTABLE!!! So you can bring it with you wherever you move with the baby. We bring it in the car seat and practically everywhere when she needs to be calmed down.
  • It's rechargeable. 
  • You can play voice recordings of loved ones if they aren't able to be present. 
  • It has bluetooth. 
  • 3 different white noise options that don't make you go insane. 

There's a reason this one is #1. It's amazing. 

wav hello white noise machine
wavhello sound machine review

Vava Night Light

Let me tell you how much you'll be up at night, hmmm about 75% for the first month or two. You'll be working on latching your baby if you're a first-time mom, or changing diapers, or just staring at your baby to make sure she's sleeping. Obviously, you need light to do all those things. My bedside lamp was so bright and my husband couldn't sleep with it on so I found this freaking amazing light. 

  • IT'S PORTABLE!! Which means you can move it to where you are changing your baby or by your rocker if you need to see your baby's latch. 
  • You can hang it, legit this is amazing.
  • It's rechargeable 
  • Also has bluetooth capability so you can control the light functions from your phone(!!!!)
  • Has two different colors, a blue LED or a yellow sun like light. 
  • Has cute stickers so you can turn it into a person of sorts if you are using this in your kids room. 
  • It has a TIMER!!!! So you don't waste energy and it will automatically go off if you fall asleep. 
  • You can change all the settings by touch! 

Baby Tote for Diapers/Accessories

diaper caddy

SO HANDY!! I don't have a change table but you can use this on your change table if you have one. It is amazing and we've carried it from room to room when needed. It's nice sometimes to know that we aren't strapped to one location. 

  • Has tons of pockets 
  • The interior pockets can be arranged however you like and can be moved accordingly. 
  • Holds an incredible amount of items! 
  • Sturdy
diaper organizer caddy

Lillebaby Carrier

If you don't have any help postpartum, you will DEFINITELY need this baby carrier. It is by far better than any baby carrier I have tried and the best for your back. 

  • 6 in 1 positions for all season style. 
  • DO NOT NEED a baby insert (so saving money here!!)
  • Can put a newborn in! (7 lbs and up)
  • Incredible back support 
  • Easily adjustable for ALL SIZES. This one is big because some carriers need extensions and this one doesn't. 
  • Mesh on the inside so the baby doesn't sweat. 
  • Great for men! 
Lillebaby carrier review

Swaddle Me & Halo Swaddle Sleepsack 

The Swaddle me is great for immediately after you have a newborn. They don't need a strong swaddle and it saves the hassle of figuring out how to swaddle or your baby getting easily out of the swaddle. 




The Halo Swaddle sleepsack is great for after your baby grows out of the swaddle me or if you have an incredibly strong baby/it's very cold when you give birth. 

  • Can easily swaddle baby without disturbing them too much
  • Comes in a fleece format
  • Extremely strong for the stronger babies. 
  • Can act as a sleep sack alone for when the baby is older than 3 months and doesn't need a swaddle. 

For now, these are the most crucial items for right when you have a newborn. I'm being honest and I am not getting paid to promote these items, however, if you do purchase from these links I do get a little percentage in return which is greatly appreciated. 

Stay tuned for my new blog post on postpartum recovery! 

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