My perfect postpartum body | The new postpartum normal | Postpartum health

There's a reason there isn't a picture of me in a two-piece swimsuit ever posted on the internet, because I was always ashamed, even when I did wear one, I felt I wasn't thin enough to warrant a photo. It's a little crazy that now, I'm sharing a picture of something even more vulnerable than a swimsuit. 


What postpartum REALLY looks like, and it's beautiful

Before I continue, I am not posting this to discourage people from thinking that "ew, if that's what a baby does to your body that I don't want one." Cause if you're thinking like that, you probably shouldn't be reading my blog. 

This is me, 48 hours after giving birth to my third child, and guess what, I think I look freaking amazing. My body just endured 4 hours of natural labour and I pushed my baby out with one push. I should get my own Marvel comic, and I'm not even joking. 

We grow babies for months, sacrificing ourselves to bring another human to this world. It all starts with pregnancy, and yet society tells us that we need to bounce back after giving birth. 

"Bounce Back" - the whole term is wrong

You didn't just grow and pop a baby out in a month so why on earth should I expect to "bounce back" so quickly after giving birth?!!! 

NO, I am taking my body, my emotional health back.

What postpartum life really looks like

I waisted so much emotional energy with my first baby, I HATED, DESPISED my body so much I couldn't even look in a mirror. I truly believe it contributed to my postpartum depression, I felt broken, like something had been stolen from me when in actuality, the best thing in my life just happened. We had our son, he was healthy and I was here on this earth to take care of him. 

I've decided not to worry about my weight this time around and ENJOY MY BABY!!!! Imagine! I'm conscious of what I eat, trying not to make unhealthy decisions but yet still enjoy life at the same time. 

I'm not wasting the precious newborn days hating my body. I'm enjoying my baby. 

My body is amazing. It birthed my beautiful baby girl, and when I'm cleared at 6 weeks I'll start working on losing some weight because I did gain a lot with this pregnancy. Something else I'm totally okay with. I already have a health plan all laid out, but I am not going to stress out about it. Stress isn't good for any of us, or the baby. 


If you have currently given birth or are about to give birth, or maybe you had a baby last year and you haven't lost the baby weight, give yourself some grace. Our bodies are complicated matters, as long as you're trying to live a healthy life - Love your body, and love your baby!