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Nursing Friendly Fashion Ideas!

I've had lots of requests for this specific topic but since I am unable to nurse I asked my friend to help me out! So today I have a guest blog post by Falynn Elizabeth. She is an stunning mom of 2 and has an amazing blog!  Enjoy!! 


Hi All! My name is Falynn and I am a mom/beauty/lifestyle blogger over at!  

I am a stay at home mom to two under two that keep me on my toes! Life is mostly chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My hobbies include bargain shopping, doing makeup and photography.

nursing fashion by falynn elizabeth

I started my blogging journey a little over one year ago. My goal has always been to share products that make parenting a little easier and give new mom advice as it comes to me!

 I am so excited to be doing this guest blog!

I am currently nursing my youngest son (five months) and know how hard it is to find nursing friendly cute outfits! I used to feel like I had to sacrifice fashion for function… but after nursing my first for fourteen months I learned how to make it work! That is what I am here to tell you all about so… here goes!

 My Go-To Pieces:


I have loved kimonos since college but they are really “IN” this summer! I see them being sold everywhere and you can get them for a really good price if you look. They also make a great addition to my nursing friendly wardrobe! I like to cover up when I feed Max out in public, some moms don’t and that’s totally okay but I just feel better if have something to cover both of us.

 I have a Milk Snob cover that I used to use in the winter ALL the time, but now that it’s summer that just makes both Max and I a sweaty mess! The kimono is a GREAT alternative! You can buy some that are light and breathable, plus they are easier to maneuver with a wiggly baby. I wear kimonos even when I know it is going to be super hot because I know they are light and they add so much to my outfit… and it makes nursing Max on the go super easy!

nursing friendly fashion for new moms

How do you style kimonos?

+ My personal favorite is throwing on a kimono over jean shorts and a tank top on those hot summer days!

+ I also wear them to church over dresses that are either a bit too short or that have very thin straps. Not only does it help keep me a little more modest, but I can also nurse Max without making a huge scene or having to leave our pew.

Links to a few of my favorite kimonos:

Nursing “Nightgowns”

I know, I know…. You are probably thinking I am nuts, but just hear me out! Usually, if a dress is nursing friendly they call it a nursing nightgown. Why do they do this? No clue! Unfortunately, it puts the idea in our heads that we can only wear it as a nightgown… SO not true. As long as the dress is made of good quality fabric and looks like a regular dress you can wear it wherever you want! Nursing nightgowns make nursing on the go super easy since you have a nursing bra built in!

How to style a nursing “nightgown”:

+ I will wear mine out in public just on its own usually!

+ Throw a cute button down or cardigan over it to add a little something.

+ Don’t forget about those kimono’s… so versatile!

nursing clothing options

A few of my favorite nursing nightgowns:

My Fave:

Flowy Tanks & Loose V-Necks

If you’re like me, many of your t-shirts’ necklines are all stretched out…. #breastfeedinglife. I am always on the lookout for nice loose fitting v-necks and tank tops! Whenever I find a good style I usually buy them in every plain color they have, that makes it super easy to style them many ways! **My personal style is mostly basics paired with cute layers and accessories! It is really important to not just buy the cheap shirts in this case, you want good quality shirts that will last you! I am all about bargains but some things you just have to splurge!

Styling basic V-Necks and Tank Tops:

+ I love pairing a tank with jean shorts then adding some kind of layer on top of that. Example: kimono, cardigan, jean jacket, sweater, long length cardi…. Depending on your current season.

It is also fun to pair basics with fun pants or skirts!

clothing options for nursing moms

A few of my favorite basics:

Breastfeeding is hard enough as it is… don’t think you have to sacrifice your fashion style as well! Wear what you love and what makes you feel good… and don’t forget the accessories J


Falynn ELizabeth


Hope you enjoyed this post, go follow her over on Instagram! @falynnelizabeth 

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