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You might be surprised at what I'm going to tell you because of title, and yes, just one day is all it takes to get your body ready for summer. Is this a trick? No. Does it require use of your brain? YES. Do you have to workout? NO! 

swimsuits for busy moms

Here it is folks: 

You don't need to get your body ready for summer!!! 

Diet fads need to earn their money, after all, their businesses too and they want us to pay into them to get skinnier for the summer because it's only appropriate to wear a swimsuit if you're slim. 


Every.Single.Body deserves to enjoy life.  Emphasis on enjoying life because spending all your days trying to be someone you're currently not is not enjoying life. 

Now, I am NOT telling you to not workout or stop the healthy eating you're on. Currently, I'm on the Ketogenic diet and I am losing weight. BUT, I am not wishing I was thinner and I'm not going to let hatred of my body ruin my summer or my time in the pool with my children. 

Your body is already READY for summer. It's been ready since you were a baby, your body is really to have fun. THE END. 

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swimsuits for curvy ladies

Now, moving onto swimsuits. I wanted to share these two cute swimsuits I found. We recently moved to an apartment complex that has a pool so for the first time ever I think. I purchased more than one swimsuit. 

This first swimsuit is from Target. No joke, I tried on at least 10 swimsuits. If you have a long torso, stay away from the xhiliration brand. They are made for people with short torsos! If you fit that description then go for it! 

target swimsuits for curvy women

Myself, on the other hand, I am a taller person and so the Merona brand fit me perfectly! You can buy this swimsuit here.

I am wearing the size XL. Would fit someone who has a larger chest better so I had to tighten the straps up almost all the way, but it is still super cute. I love it! The hat is also from target.

Next up, this one I got because I wanted a variety for tanning. Plus, you all know my love for off the shoulder! 

amazon swimsuits for curvy ladies

This adorable swimsuit I purchased off of Amazon. It's much cheaper, though the material isn't quite as nice as the target one, it's still super cute. I'm wearing the size XL. 

It also comes in a variety of cute colours and prints. I got a floral one because I'm obsessed with florals! 

My hat is from JCpenney last year. 

summer swimsuits for mom

Sunglasses worn above I purchased here on Amazon! 

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