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I recently got myself new glasses. My old ones were from 2013 and honestly were so scratched up even when I cleaned them it looked like there was dirt on them. Though I found that the horn rimmed style was really defining me as a person and my fashion sense so I really wanted to get something that was in that range. I actually wanted to buy the same pair! 

Coastal | Clearly 

A lot of people would ask me where I bought my glasses from, both my last ones and the ones I have now well I buy them online. I will NEVER buy glasses from a glasses store. To me, it's just a rip-off and I honestly don't understand why they charge so much. Now I get it if you really want designer frames, I do. I guess I'm also lucky in the sense that I don't need bifocals or that sort of thing. 

coastal glasses

My old glasses on the left and my new glasses on the right. 

You can find my glasses on here 

If you're in Canada you can find the exact same pair here:

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You can go to your eye doctor and get your prescription. It's super easy and you can also take the other measurements that you need at home. I paid in total $100 for these glasses!! Also horn rimmed glasses are impossible to find at a glasses store anyways, so really online is the best way to go for your own style desires! :) 

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