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I have been horrible about blogging and sharing photos since I've left for Europe. While I was there I had some friends take some pictures of me but I still haven't received them yet. But I'm back home now and can rely on my husband to get photos of me so I'm finally back to blogging! 

I found this beautiful dress at a shop call Primark in London, England. Shockingly everything there is super reasonable, this dress was 12 pounds! That amounts to about $15-18 USD. Everything was so cute and so in style, which is hard to find around here at that price. 

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It is the comfiest summer dress and I will probably end up wearing it too much. It's a 60's style with the flare around the waist. I feel in love with it when I saw it on the hanger. Took me a couple tries and there was only one dress left in my size! IT was meant to be. 

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I also have to talk about the purse. OMG they had SO many purses I couldn't believe it. I had to pick one because I didn't have enough space in my suitcase for all of them or even a few. So I picked this one because it's simple, elegant and I love the flowers on the outside of it. Oh, this purse was also 12 pounds!!!! 

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I'll be posting more about my England fashion finds and I hope you enjoy! If you get a chance to go to London, visit Primark! 

Shoes are from JCPenney.

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