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Spring floral trend 2017

Welcome to spring, it's finally here and so are the florals!!! This year I am obsessed with florals, which is amusing because if you asked me 3 years ago if I would wear florals I would have said hell no. Florals tend to go out of style pretty quick but I think the designs are becoming much more elegant and elegance doesn't go out of style now does it? 

JCPenney fashion blogger

We have a new Ross store here in Davenport and it's AMAZING. I'm obsessed with the place basically. I found this jacket there for $13.99. I mean, you can't beat that. It is super comfortable, and is quite warm too which is great for those spring mornings and evenings that tend to be cooler. 

Fashion Nova Jeans

Also, let's talk about these jeans for a minute. 

Fashion Nova jeans are amazing!!!

I won't lie, I've been skeptical of certain brands that are popular on Instagram, but this one my friends is one worth looking into. Now while all the models look like Kim Kardashian, which is NOT helpful to me because I'm far from that body type, they do have a curvy line which gave me hope.

Took me a couple tries with sizing but I'm floored. My problem with jeans is they are either 1) Too tight around the waist and 2) too short cause I'm taller 3) too loose around the ankle and not a perfect skinny.

These are a true high waist, fit PERFECT around the ankles and are the perfect length! I'm a size 13 and could probably do size 15 for a really comfortable fit.  

Block heels trend 2017

Block heels are in ladies. 

These sandals from JCPenney are SO COMFORTABLE!! I have super flat feet so I can't wear heels for very long, maybe like an hour tops but I will never walk in them longer than the door to the car. Unless! They are a block heel. They babies are so cute! I normally wear a size 10 but in these I am a 9.5. They come in other colors too! :)

My shirt is from Ross's $7.99 

Choker is from a set of 6 off Amazon for $10.

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