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I honestly never thought in my life I'd related to 50 shades of grey, until recently. 

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If you're confused, well, I'm talking about hair as seen in the picture above. This is what it used to look like: 

This picture was taken in 2014, in just 3 years my gray has increased SIGNICANTLY. Honestly, I have no idea why I'm not sure where my hair is going but I'm pretty sure in 10 years I will be completely white. To be honest, I'm fine with that, the only tricky part is that my grey hair is a texture BEAST. 

So for all you ladies with really coarse, crazy hair issues this blog post is for you. 


Orbe Creme for Style

Bumble and Buble Invisible Oil. 

Legit never go any wash without this being in my hair. It's amazing.

  • It lessens the frizz while protecting the hair from heat damage. I use it even on day 2 or 3 on dry hair when it's frizzed up again.
  • It also isn't heavy so it's great, no greasy feeling! I use 2-3 pumps. 

Orbe Creme for style

My hair stylist introduced me to this product in 2012 and I have been using it ever since. Quite literally, I just ran out that's how long a bottle lasts with thick hair like mine! 

  • It's hairspray without the spray and without the gunk feeling. I put it in before I dry my hair and the frizz is tamed and STAYS tamed.
  • Works best with heat!!! You can't even tell there isn't any product in the hair. It's amazing. 


Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil
Orbe hair products
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