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I haven't shared my new updated vanity setup since I moved back in January. FINALLY, getting around to it now. It's tricky when you have a baby because she sleeps in our room so I have to work around her nap schedule and all that good stuff. 

I'm still adjusting to my setup. I find it's not perfect yet, but I'm working on it! 

makeup setup madison blogger

The middle desk is a piece of wood from Menards and it's bracketed to the wall underneath. I like this setup because I absolutely cannot stand legs on a table. They are a waste of space and I end up tripping on them. 

The mirror and lights are from Ikea, they are no longer sold there but they do sell them elsewhere like at menards or amazon! 

Shelves on the side are from Ikea

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I've made a couple different variations on these shelves, overall I'm still getting used to the items being above me, instead of on the floor in drawers which is where it was in my previous setup at my old place! 

These trays the hair sprays are on is from hobby lobby. 

makeup organization

I've wanting to get this mirror on the right SO bad but finances are tight so I can't justify it. For now I'm using my $1 dollar store mirror I found 4 years ago. :p It's still going strong! So until it breaks I'll be keeping it. Good thing it isn't ugly to look at! ;) That's my messy jewellery box that's underneath of it. :p 

If you can afford it, I highly recommend this mirror which my friend has, and eventually, I will get it! It has a bluetooth speaker and an amazing light! 

makeup vanity setup

The blow dryer holder I found at Ross Dress for less I believe. It's so handy and I like that it's on an angle. 

makeup brush storage, beauty blogger

I keep my brushes on the right hand side because I'm almost always doing my makeup in a rush, and I'm right handed! 

Makeup storage & organization

I keep products I don't use as frequently on the left hand side as well as not so popular palettes. 

makeup palettes organization

The glass elephant is a book end. It's an incredibly heavy one so I use this to hold my makeup palettes in place. I only keep my GO TO palettes on this shelf. I rotate through these on a regular basis. My other palettes that I don't use as much are on another shelf. 

DIY makeup storage, beauty blogger

I found this cute piece at homegoods. It's not the greatest design but it looks cute. I keep another rotation of items I use regularly here: eyelash glue, mascara, eyelash curler etc.

Makeup vanity setup, beauty blogger

These clear acrylic pieces are so helpful. I have them all over and I've found them at a bunch of different places, most of them are from Ross', some from TJmaxx. 

I recently added the flower addition to make it a little bit more homey. They are fake from Burlington Coat factory. 

Hope this was helpful for you in getting your makeup organized! :) 

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