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Wait, isn't that a bit contradictory?

It might seem weird to hear that makeup can make you feel better about your natural face because most people wear makeup to hide the natural features that they don't like. After all, isn't makeup used for appearance's sake only? Help you feel better about yourself by looking more put together (cause otherwise you don't look put together?) 

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Here's what makeup taught me: 

My natural face is what allows me to wear makeup. 

How horrible is it to hate your body when it allows you to live your life? The same goes for your face, how can you dislike your natural features when it allows you to eat, see, smell and your skin is what lays in between, it allows you to put makeup on, without it, you wouldn't be able to wear makeup. 

I had to accept my natural features to get better at makeup

This really challenged me, I had to learn to really look at my features and learn more about them to get better at applying makeup. I had to learn about my skin, about my skin tone and about my freckles etc. This journey taught me to be more self-accepting. I challenged myself to go without makeup at certain times because it gave me the time to do more studying of my features and force myself to love what I saw. 

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If you spend all of your waking moments sans makeup telling yourself what you need to "fix" honey we have got a problem. You should be spending those moments seeing what you can DO for your skin, not to cover it up or to fix it, but to help it get better, nourish it. This will prevent it from getting worse as you get older and teach you think more positively instead of negatively. 

Makeup is about seeing individual features. 

I recently had an interesting situation come up where someone had to show me a picture of their friend before meeting them because they looked "different." I was super confused as to why, why on earth should I need to see someone before meeting them? This might seem like I'm lying but I seriously never judge someone by their appearance. EVER. Anyways, she showed me the picture of said person and they looked TOTALLY NORMAL. 

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There is no such thing as, oh this person has more natural beauty than this other person. Their natural features are better than mine. NO, NO, NO, NO. Nope. EVERYONE has beautiful features and that is what makes applying makeup so freaking awesome. Can you imagine if we all had the same face/canvas? B-O-R-I-N-G. 

When I look at someone on the street, I never think - "oh their features are so ugly or misshaped or disproportion" I'm thinking "Oh! She has great brows!" or "oh! she has an amazing lip shape." 

When I worked at Sephora I complimented customers of these features I would see and so many of them were astonished that I would compliment them on these features. They couldn't see it. 

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Makeup to accentuate, not hide.

The biggest lie about makeup is that it's designed to hide. Well, maybe for some but I do not think that is what makeup was intended to be used for. 

You know how certain clothes make you look better and accentuate your figure? Well, makeup does that for your face. It's bringing out the features that YOU want to accentuate, which is why it's so amazing. Another reason you need to be thankful for those natural features and LOVE them without makeup on! 

I hope that you learn to love your natural beauty more without makeup and that you will see makeup as a tool and not so much a crutch. 

Tell me, what do you struggle most with loving your natural features?

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