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I purchased the Face Halo about a month ago but I've been so busy that I just haven't had time to even use it! This past weekend I finally got around to it. 

Had my doubts

I had my doubts about this because Norwex promotes the same thing, that their face clothes can remove all makeup as well. That was a big letdown because it didn't remove hardly anything for me, so naturally, I was a little doubtful about trying the face halo, but the price isn't too bad so I thought ah well. 

face halo makeup remover

Feels a million times better than a makeup wipe!

I did post on my Instagram (@freckledglam) stories the first time using it, I wasn't wearing eyeliner but I did have quite a bit of eyeshadow on and my usual amount of face makeup on (which is more than the average person, I think at least) and it all came off no problem at all! Not only that but it felt a million times better than a makeup wipe. Now, I still think that makeup wipes are the better for traveling, but for at home, the face halo is definitely my new go to. 

waterproof makeup remover

If you are looking for a cheaper and nicer way to take your makeup on, definitely give this a try! I am going to report back after I've washed them and used them a few times to see how the fibers are holding up. 

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What is your favourite makeup removing technique and have you ever used just a pad like this before?