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We have a very small bedroom, and I have a lot of makeup so I wanted to share my vanity setup in detail! I cleaned it last week so it worked perfectly to take some pictures of it. 


The Vanity

Is actually just a white board from Menards, they sell it in different colors, I got mine in white and it was $10! I also got some brackets which were $2 each, I got a total of 3 brackets. 

Makeup organizer

The big mirror is from IKEA, I am not sure if they still sell it, my husband bought it for me about 3 years ago. The mirror is not attached to the lights. The lights are wired behind the mirror and my husband did some of his DIY stuffs to make sure they don't fall down. The mirror is also anchored to the wall to prevent from falling and give me more space on my board! 

My little gold round mirror is from Dollarama in Canada and I paid $2 for it. :-x I love that thing!!! 

Makeup brushes organizer

The makeup brush cups are also from IKEA (the printed ones) while the last white is actually a toothbrush holder from Homegoods! 

Makeup palette organizer

I have SO many makeup palettes and for the longest time could not figure out how to organize them, I was so frustrated then I realized I could just get a basket, so simple and it would hold everything! 

  • Basket is from Aldi for $5
  • Spray paint to paint it gold $5 
Beauty Vanity Organizer

When I do my makeup I always set the brushes I'm using on the vanity, there's just one problem with that. Your vanity will get SUPER DIRTY!! 

So I picked up these little cute trays from Hobby Lobby at 40% off, they ended up being $7 each. One is on the right side of my mirror while the other is on my left side. 

Beauty Blender organizer


I have a lot of makeup sponges.

I use them twice and I hate having to wash them so much so my solution is just to have a lot of them. The dirty ones aren't all here, ha, so this is my clean collection. 

I keep this jar here because my dog was eating my sponges, and I have another jar for the diry ones but that one was in the bathroom! Not shown here, sorry! 

Jar from Hobby Lobby for $7 at 50% off. 

Lori Greiner Makeup Organizer for Vanity
DIY makeup brush holder

Lori Greiner Makeup Organizer 

You can find this at Bed Bath And Beyond, my husband bought it for me last year. It's around $100. I really like this organizer because it keeps your makeup hidden!! (As long as you close it) And it can fit an insane amount of makeup on it!! 

I have little kids, so if they don't see they don't want to touch, unlike the cosmocube. My kids would want to play with it all day and I'd be in trouble. 

DIY hair tools holder

Hacking the light and hair tools

Step 1. Get yourself a handy husband. 

Step 2. Watch and enjoy all the handiwork. 

Ha, but for real though I am very grateful to have a handy husband. He set this all up for me and gave me a light switch for my lights!!! (Because they are not wired into the wall, so therefore I can't use a wall light switch). 

He also hacked my hair tools holder which can be found at target but is designed to hang on a rod. Well, he used his trusty zip ties and voila! It's super easy access and I can still sit at my vanity to do my hair! 

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