Arbonne Skincare Review

I have heard a lot of good things about the Arbonne products because they are all natural based plus you can give support at home consultants by buying from them. 

I was sent a sample size of the facial skin care line as well as the makeup primer and the hand cream to test out. 

arbonne skin care review

I really wanted to like these products because I do love the whole natural aspect of the line and it's something I want to get into more, however that being said I do have dry skin. This line is not for dry skinned people (unfortunately.) 

arbonne skin care review

The facial cleanser is good, it does the job as it's supposed to. :) A

The toner is nice because it doesn't burn the skin like some and it also doesn't feel overly dry after it's applied! A+ 

The intensive renewal serum is nice also, it feels moisturizing and is a nice additive to the skin. A

The Restorative Day Cream is very nice, though didn't do much for my dry skin. I think that if you are an oily/normal skinned person this would work fantastic for you! For me, I applied this as well as the Extra Restorative Day Cream + the Night Repair Creme and it wasn't enough moisture for me (I applied them all 3 in a row because just one wasn't enough moisture). However, I don't want to said it's bad because I really do think it's a good system and a good product just not for dry skin folk.  Restorative Day Cream A (just not for dry skin) 

The eye cream has a really nice consistency to it and I really wanted to love it, though this is the only downside I have to this whole review is that it burned a little when I put it on after I removed my makeup. I haven't had that issue with any other eye cream that I've tried and again, maybe it's related to my dry skin. I'm curious to know whether others who have used this have experienced this same thing? C

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream A (Not for sky skin though) 

Night repair Creme A (not for dry skin) 

The Makeup Primer is very different! It feels like a gel but doesn't apply like one, I can't really describe it. I was super curious to try it out! Overall again, it's more for those who have oily skin, I could tell by the formula that it helps matte the skin out which for me made my foundation cake quick cause of my dry skin. Though perfect for those who have normal to oily skin! I would rate it an A+ (not for dry skin) 

arbonne skin care review

I also sampled the hand cream and I love it, it's so nice! I keep it by my bed and put it on at night time. It also have a nice smell to it!! 

arbonne skin care review

For those that have oily skin I think this system is perfect because the moisturizers do not feel oil based and they don't feel heavy either which is perfect if you don't want to become overly oily during the day/evening. Also, all natural which is A+++++!!!!! 

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