Lashes by Lena

I follow Lashes by Lena on Instagram and Marlene (the owner) was looking for blogs to sample some new lashes that she has. I was among the chosen bloggers to review them! I am so excited to share this with you!!! 


I follow another MUA "amberdean" on Instagram who pretty much only uses these lashes, they are mink and are on a whole other level. I had always to purchase a pair, but due to being mink they are a little more expensive than average lashes. That being said however, they are much more durable and longer lasting than any other pair of lashes I have ever worn.

The particular pair I was sent are the style "Heidi." The packaging is adorable, so easy to get out and also incredibly easy to store! This is a huge plus for me because most of the time I don't have a great place to store lashes and the box is so handy, as well as being sturdy which makes it great for travel.  

This style is also fantastic because they are so natural looking. They are perfect for day and night! 

Another huge plus about these lashes is that the lash band is so thin you can get it really close to your natural lash line. In addition to this they are not heavy so you don't feel like you are wearing weights on your eyelids! 

Overall, A++++, go purchase a pair if you can! She also has different sets, bridal sets etc that come with a package of 4 lashes. They are on my wish list cause I need more styles now! 

Go shop her website here:

Youtube tutorial for this look coming this week!! Stay tuned! :) 

Youtube tutorial for this look coming this week!! Stay tuned! :) 

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