Lower Eyeliner Variation + Mac Interview

I am really loving this eyeliner technique. Some say it is a sort of an Egyptian style, and I failed miserably at it when I first tried it. Though all it takes is some patience and a very steady hand. For some reason I find it really brings out the eyes a little bit more, though I wouldn't suggest this as an everyday look! Lately I find myself being drawn more towards artistic looks, I just get bored of the everyday same ol, and since I'm broke I don't buy a lot of makeup so I feel the need to do different looks with the makeup that I do have. 

I wanted to share these pictures with you to hopefully inspire you to try this. I would definitely do this look for a date night, or a special event (like a party), it's different, but fun and glamorous. :) And if you didn't want the eyeliner to point out just leave out the lower lid eyeliner and keep the top lid as is! 


  • YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation (my current fave if you couldn't already tell!)
  • Anastasia Contour Kit in Light. 
  • Mac "Peaches" Blush
  • Mac "Soft and Gentle" for highlight. 
  • LA Girl HD Pro concealer for conceal and highlight. 


  • Mac paint pot in "painterly" for primer. 
  • NYX Jumbo milk pencil on top for added primer/effect. 
  • Mac "Mylar" to set primer. 
  • Mac "Saddle" in crease, "Embark" on outer edge blended in with "Deep damson" 
  • Mac "Naked" pigment on lid. 
  • Mac Liquid Liner "Blacktrack" to outline and NYC Liquid liner on top. 
  • House of Lashes "Iconic" Lashes. 
  • Mac "Deep Damson" and "Embark" blended together on lower lid into eyeliner. 


  • Mac "Oak" Lip liner
  • Mac "Styled in Sepia" lipstick on top. 

I had an interview with MAC Cosmetics this morning so I wanted to use as many MAC products as I could. The interview was a group interview and you brought a model, but they rotated the models so I did makeup on another artist's model. It was actually a lot of fun. I did makeup on a 50 year old lady, and she had amazing skin! I actually enjoy doing mature skin makeup, it doesn't take much to make them look fabulous and I think they deserve it! I wish I could have gotten a picture but alas, they were quite hurried as the store was opening soon. We will see by the end of the week if I hear back! :) 

Also, I had to go to work at the gym later on tonight and since I don't go anywhere without makeup on I had to tone it down. This was a bit too glam for the gym! So I wiped off the highlighter with just a cotton pad, and I took off the liner on the lower lid with makeup remover (left the eyeliner on top) and reapplied concealer. Also took off the lipstick and lashes. 

Usually it's pretty common to turn a day look into an evening look, but I had never before taken an evening look to a daytime look. It wasn't really that hard. So if you ever feel like you've over done your makeup, don't take it all off!! Just adjust. :) 

Until next time! 

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