Clinique Review

I used to have a great skin routine when I was younger, I was using Usana's skin care for about 7 years but I was reading that it's not good to get into too set of a routine because the skin won't respond to the products anymore. So about 2 years ago I switched over to a more natural product brand for washing my face, well, it was about the same time that I had my youngest so I wasn't paying much attention to my face. About 6-8 months later I noticed I had milia on my cheeks. This is something I had when I was very young but when I started using Usana they went away. I thought it was strange but hoped that if I continued my routine it would go away. 

I then started using some Lush products for cleaning and exfoliating my face, they seemed to do wonders and I loved the way my skin responded yet somehow my skin was getting more milia and more bumpy and also minorly itchy. 

I have a friend who works for Clinique so I asked her for some tips and went into Clinique, bought two products and a ton of samples!! 

I started off with their 3 step sample, within 24 hours I noticed a HUUUUUGEE difference. It was literally night and day. My face went from being dry like the Sahara to pretty much normal. I was excited! So I will summarize my thoughts: 

  • Been using 3 weeks now and my skin is almost normal
  • Started with the 3 step system for very dry skin, washing twice a day
  • Also using with the Custom repair serum and the Pore refining serum, the Makeup cleanser the 7 day exfoliating scrub and the Overnight moisture mask.
  • 7 day exfoliating scrub + Overnight moisture mask leaves my skin like a baby's bottom, it's ridiculous. 
  • My face doesn't feel as bumpy
  • My pores have shrunk a lot since I started using the Pore Refining serum!!! Also the exfoliating really helped get rid of so many black heads, I still have a few but I plan on getting a facial which will help remove them all. 
  • Redness is pretty much gone from my face. 
  • Hardly ever get pimples anymore. 
  • I HAVE NORMAL SKIN!!!! It's been 3 weeks and my skin is normal, no more flaky foundation. Legit miracle. Also my milia is getting so so so much smaller. I still plan on seeing a dermatologist to have them removed but I'm amazed at the progress. 

I was worried Clinique was going to be hard on my sensitive skin, geez, I'm kicking myself for not buying their products sooner. I went with Clinique because they have a "system" and I needed a product that basically just outlined what I was supposed to do. I plan on using this for a year or so and I am going to throw a few other products in there now and then just to make sure my skin doesn't get too used to it, like what happened years ago. 

Miriam BulcherComment