My Story


My makeup journey started when I was introduced to makeup at 14, my sister gave me some covergirl eyeshadows. I then proceeded to search up on the internet makeup methods, best products and reviews. When I got my first job at 16 I went to MAC within a few months and spent what I thought at the time, was too much money on makeup! I started experimenting more and I seriously considered going to makeup artistry school, however at the time I wasn't interested in doing special FX makeup, so I decided not to go down that route (also it was twice as expensive as other schools). 

Instead I went to school for Fitness, worked in fitness for 3 years while in that time I had taken a break from my makeup interests. At the time I couldn't justify spending the money on makeup. I then had 2 children, and after my second child (2013) I decided it was high time that I get back into looking fabulous and treating myself. Thus my makeup enthusiasm came back with a vengeance, especially because Instagram was around then and floored my creativity. 

I have been doing makeup looks on myself for almost 2 years, practicing different methods and constantly trying to learn and push my abilities. At the same time I got back into makeup I also started a photography business, it is my goal to combine them both down the road to increase women's self esteem. Women deserve to feel beautiful about themselves and I want to use my photography and makeup skills as tools to help women. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and be sure to check out my Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube for more of my work and to see my silly side! :) 

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